Tweeting in the Digital Age

Rupert Murdoch, head of Newscorp, let the world know his feelings about the European debt crisis and tensions in the Middle East on Sunday, hours before the Superbowl.

“If Britain had joined euro it would be in even deeper doodoo than already,” Murdoch tweeted.  “Cheap pound compared to year ago only thing keeping state going.”  Although, when read, his tweets sound like a cross between Frankenstein and Encino Man, his tweeting on news matters begs an interesting question: does Twitter pose too great a risk for high-profile business?

With the increasing digitalization of the media, Twitter presents itself as a unique platform: one can reach millions of followers instantly without any kind of PR middle man.  Twitter is incredibly accessible on most mobile devices, leaving little interference between the tweeter and his tweet; in traditional media forms, there is a host of polishing and editing that goes on before publication.

Murdoch’s tweets were far from sensational, yet, I can’t help but to wonder if the risk/reward of tweeting is worth it (“…Enough! Time to prepare for great Super Bowl…. New York seems silent today in anticipation. Go Giants!… is hardly anything New York Post-worthy.)  There already have been a number of people that have been fired or otherwise reprimanded for tweeting inappropriately.  And what is Murdoch ultimately getting out of tweeting?  Self-satisfaction?  Again, I ask, is it really worth it?





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