Google fined for wifi street cars

Google Street Car: $90,000

Google Street Car Driver Salary: $100,000/year

Getting a mere $25,000 fine for widespread hacking into Wifi networks: Priceless

While Google earned more than $38 billion in revenue last year, they were only charged with a $25 thousand fine for collecting personal information over unprotected wifi networks in their Google Street cars.  While I certainly can understand why Google would want the information, I’m more curious as to why the feds didn’t punish them more severely?  

The FCC stated that Google failed to comply with repeated requests for information and  access to employees.  When asked about searching through employee emails, a Google rep stated that it ‘would be a time-consuming and burdensome task.’  Yes, but sorting through terabytes of personal data found through unencrypted wifi connections isn’t so hard for Google.  I see how it is!

Maybe I’m crazy, but the penalty doesn’t seem to fit the crime; and this time, the criminal is benefiting.  


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